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Weight Management

Our philosophy is to help people change their lifestyles in order to maintain long term success.

About Weight Management

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Our philosophy is to help people change their lifestyles and how they think about food so that they can maintain their weight loss long-term. All diets work if you follow them strictly, but they are not usually viable long-term. We couple our program with thorough analysis of our patients’ medical problems, medications, lifestyle and eating habits, family histories, as well as sleep and stress patterns. We develop long term lifestyle solutions that will help our patients keep the weight off and live happier more fulfilling lives.

Weight Management

How Does It Work?

Before receiving weight loss services or products, you must become an established patient. This requires about an hour and a half of your time. This will include a physical exam, an EKG (which is required before weight loss medication can be prescribed safely), a B12 shot, a body fat test, a 40 minute video, and nutrition and exercise counseling. If your uniquely tailored program includes medications, you will receive a prescription to be filled at your pharmacy.

Dr. Andruss does not prescribe medication to every patient. Each case is assessed on an individual basis. Other options may include natural supplements that are medically endorsed and scientifically proven, protein drinks, or HCG.

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What else do we offer?

Metabolic testing is offered, but is not a requirement. Dr. Andruss generally reserves this 15 minute testing for later on in the program if someone is struggling. She may also use it for patients beginning maintenance to better define long term caloric needs.


Once a goal weight is reached or the physician feels you need to come off the medication, the medication will be tapered slowly and appropriately, visits will be less frequent, but visits will still be necessary… as maintenance is the toughest part of the weight loss program. Everyone needs someone to be accountable to. REMEMBER obesity is a chronic disease and needs to be monitored frequently by a physician just like any other disease. Continued monitoring with improved nutrition and exercise leads to success and satisfaction as well as a new HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!


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