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Board Certified Obesity Medicine

Board Certified Internal Medicine

Subspecialty Hormone Therapy


Weight & Hormone Specialist

Coleen Andruss, MD, is a well-respected board-certified internist specializing in obesity medicine and hormone therapy for 25 years. Along with Michelle Macfarlane PA-C, they diagnose and comprehensively treat patients who struggle with weight and hormone issues. Because of personal experiences with obesity, Dr. Andruss and staff are compassionate toward their patients. They believe in aging gracefully through balanced hormones, good nutrition and regular exercise.
Weight Management Exercise

Weight Loss Management

Lifestyle changes that can be maintained long-term for weight loss, health risk reduction, and physical and mental prosperity.

Hormone Therapy

Prescription synthetic hormones, bioidentical compounded hormones, or natural supplements to help patients age more gracefully.

Body Contouring

Pain-free therapy for the reduction of targeted fatty deposits, skin tightening, and skin smoothing for cellulite and/or wrinkled skin on the face and body.

Initial Visit

We make the process as easy as possible for our patients. Education is a key component!

Initial Appointment

The Process

  1. Patient History & Medical Questionnaire
  2. Consent Form
  3. Screening by Provider – Review of History and Medication
  4. Body Mass Index and Body Fat %
  5. Physical Exam with Electrocardiogram (EKG), Vital Signs
  6. B12 Injection
  7. Goal Discussion
  8. Exercise Counseling
  9. Nutritional Counseling
  10. Hormone Counseling if Requested or if Necessary
  11. Written Prescription for Medications if Physician Feels it is Appropriate, or Natural Supplements if Indicated.

Follow-Up Visits

A visit every 2-3 weeks provides accountability which is the most successful weight loss tool available. These visits also allow for necessary changes and continued education.

Follow up visit - Scale

What we review

  1. Weight and Body Fat Changes
  2. Monitoring of Blood Pressure and Heart Rate
  3. Monitoring of Symptoms along with Heart and Lung Exam.
  4. B12 Injection
  5. General Counseling
  6. Behavioral Therapy
  7. If requested – Hormone Therapy

Not located in Utah? No problem!

We offer over the phone or zoom call consultations and appointments!